Christoph Brunner

Christoph Brunner is the CEO of AEE INTEC in Austria. Before, he was head of department IPE – Industrial Processes and Energy Systems at AEE INTEC. The main topics of his work are energy and resource efficiency, the integration of renewable energy for the industry like solar process heat and membrane distillation for wastewater purification and process water upgrading. He was Project coordinator of several national and international projects as SolarFoods, GREENFOODS, SOLAR BREW (FP 7), EINSTEIN (IEE), TrustEE, Operating Agent in the International Energy Agency – IEA SHC Task 49 – Solar Process Heat for Production and Advanced Applications and IEA SHC Task 62 for Solar thermal energy and industrial water management. He is the member of the board of the European technology platform for Renewable Heating and Cooling RHC- ETIP. Christoph is also an expert for industrial energy efficiency and process intensification (membrane distillation) with a focus on the food and beverage industry, galvanic industry, including the pinch analyses (PE2, SOCO, EINSTEIN). Part of the Austrian and European work of Standardization for energy audits (CEN), UNIDO expert in energy efficiency for the industry in Uganda, Balkan countries, Malaysia, India, Russia, Egypt and South America. 

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    Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC), Austria

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    Updated 2021

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