COPE-BEST 2022 offers up to 6 CDP hours for participants. Please refer to the following terms & conditions on how to claim for your CDP hours. 


  1. Sign your attendance during the talk sessions 
  • Attendance form will be distributed at the Stage during the talk sessions, we will distribute the attendance form 4 times per day via the banner at the bottom of the screen (see figure below). Attendance form link:
  • Fill in the form using the unique code provided at the time of distribution. Note that the code each time is different.
  • You will need to fill in the attendance within 20 minutes starting from the time the banner is displayed. The banner will be displayed for 20 minutes too. Response received after the 20 minutes will not be considered. Also, note that only responses from registered participants will be considered. 
  • CDP hours will be counted cumulatively throughout the 3-days event. 
  • According to the requirement of Suruhanjaya Tenaga, the minimum CDP hours that you can claim is 2 CDP hours, i.e. to complete 4 attendance form. You are not eligible to claim for CDP hours lesser than the mentioned minimum requirement. 
  • The maximum CDP hours that you can receive is 6 CDP hours.

        2. Get your CDP Certificate

  • You will receive your CDP certificate within 2 weeks after the event.