Hydrogen: Prospects Toward Net Zero

Session Theme 5 of COPE-BEST 2022

In recent years, hydrogen has been seen as an important part of the energy mix to ensure net zero GHG emissions. Renewable energy-based hydrogen (green hydrogen) has great potential to replace fossil fuel-dependent applications, including heating applications in industries and transportation. It is interesting to see how green, blue, and grey hydrogen can synergise their roles in the energy mix during energy transition to achieve net GHG emissions in the coming years. Section 5 highlights the hydrogen economy and its application for different sectors, including industry and transportation.

General Manager, Research and Development, Sarawak Energy
Sing Muk is currently the Head of Research and Development for Sarawak Energy, a vertically integrated power utility and energy development company that serves Sarawak, Malaysia. He is driving technological innovation within the Company, focusing on key areas such as clean energy exploration, energy management, grid solutions, environmental sciences, and autonomous and robotic technology. His team is actively developing solutions to harness renewable energy through design, matching technology with the local context while emphasising sustainability and best practices. Sing Muk has spearheaded the innovation agenda in the power utility industry through various working groups at the national and regional level. Prior to joining Sarawak Energy, he served as the Executive Director of the School of Research for Swinburne University. His technical research interests are in the field of sensors and remote monitoring, where he develops novel sensing materials and nanomaterials, integrates portable sensor devices, and correlates an array of sensing signals into new applications. He is also passionate about translating research into practical applications, cultivating disruptive innovations, and developing strategies to thrive in the age of technological disruption.
CEO - Malaysian Green Technology And Climate Change Corporation (MGTC)
Ts. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Noris the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation(MGTC), the primary driver for Green Technology and Climate Change Development under the purview of the Ministry of Environment & Water, Malaysia.
CEO, NanoMalaysia, Malaysia
Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in January 2013 under asecondment from Khazanah Nasional started in June 2012.
Prof Dato’ Ir Dr A. Bakar Jaafar, PEng, FIEM, FASc,Β  a Malaysian, is Research Fellow and Founding Director of UTM Ocean Thermal Energy Centre, and Professor at Perdana Centre, UTM Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics since 2013.
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