1. Introduces the Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM) 10 Shifts to Net Zero that comprehensively cover energy sustainability topics from thermal to electrical energy, industry, building, transportation, built environment, energy efficiency (EE), Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Management System (EnMS), digitalisation and funding support.
  2. Introduces GHG Emissions Management Hierarchy (GEMH) that prioritises Net Zero (NZ) actions from the most scalable, actionable, cost-effective and sustainable.
  3. Strives to bridge the innovation gap by promoting collaborative, open innovation as a way to democratise R&D across stakeholders.
  4. Addresses the critical needs of funding at key stages, from R&D to realisation.
  5. Inclusively mobilise quadruple helix stakeholders from among universities, industry, policymakers and civil society.
  6. Provides awareness on the critical enabling mechanisms such as market instruments, policies, regulations and financial assistance.
  7. Synergises network of international co-operative agencies, professional associations and ASEAN communities. COPE-BEST 2023 is expected to attract over 1000 participants from ASEAN and beyond, following the CB 2022 success of mobilising 1120 participants from over 20 countries.
  8. Engages universities and research institutions with proven track records and leadership in research and commercialisation of open innovative best practices.
  9. Nurture young talents as future energy leaders to enculture sustainability in the younger generations.
  10. COPE-BEST is a green, low carbon fully online event that is Accessible to Anyone from Anywhere at Anytime. It mimics physical events through interactive discussions, networking sessions and exhibitions.