Theme of the Year
Race to Net Zero

A comprehensive plan of action is required to pave the way forward, to build a truly global coalition for carbon neutrality by 2050. Toward this end, there is the need to maintain the delicate balance between emission reduction, energy affordability and security that requires comprehensive and sustainable policies. COPE-BEST 2023 with the theme Race to Net Zero is a clarion call to action for ASEAN energy stakeholders to swiftly transition to Net Zero emissions by embracing open innovation in energy sustainability best practices.

Apart from showcasing energy sustainability technologies, innovations and best practices, COPE BEST also aims to create awareness of the various enabling mechanisms such as market instruments, regulatory policies, financial assistance as well as public-private sustainability initiatives among participating organisations and countries. The convention is anticipated to catalyse national, regional and international linkages and create synergistic alliance towards achieving the net zero carbon emissions.