Mr. Gregers Reimann

Gregers Reimann, Managing Director of IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd, spearheads a leading green building consultancy in Malaysia. Specializing in designs fostering optimal daylighting, high energy efficiency, and a harmonious connection with nature, Gregers oversees notable projects such as the award-winning ‘Paramit – factory in the forest.’ Noteworthy achievements include the GreenTech Malaysia building, the country’s pioneer zero-energy office design, the ST Diamond office building (2012 ASEAN Energy Award winner), and the groundbreaking Pertamina Energy Towerβ€”the first skyscraper conceived for zero energy consumption. Additionally, the energy-efficient EECCHI office retrofit under his guidance achieved a remarkable 53% energy savings.

Chairing the “Green Buildings and Sustainable Communities” committee at the EU-Malaysian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (EUMCCI), Gregers actively contributes to green building articles and lectures at universities. Passionate about innovative and integrated design solutions that bridge the gap between architects and engineers, he exemplifies green living practices, commuting to work by bicycle.


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    Managing Director, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

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