Isnazunita Ismail

Isnazunita Ismail as spent more than 20 years in research, development, innovation and commercialisation work in the areas of Environmental Management and Technology. Currently, responsible for the management of the Environmental Technology Research Centre, which is one of eight (8) technology and innovation centres under the SIRIM Industrial Research of SIRIM Berhad.

Currently working closely with MITI and MIDA on establishing the guiding principles for the development of Ecoindustrial Parks in Malaysia and promoting resource efficiency assessment tool for industrial park’s tenant companies to manage its resources (materials and energy). This project is part of the National Investment Aspiration under MITI’s purview to enhance the coordination and management of industrial estates in Malaysia.

Latest achievement is in promoting EcoInnovation approach among SMEs under the SIRIM Fraunhofer, UNEP and ASEIC, Korea programmes. She has implemented and managed number of projects of Government to Government (G2G) collaborative R&D project on Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Risk Management of Hazardous Chemicals. Local government projects for the development of environmental management programme such as Life Cycle Assessment, Ecolabelling Scheme, Carbon Footprint labelling and Government Green Procurement.

She also takes the role as the Test Facility Management for laboratories in compliance to OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for non-clinical studies which provide services to the testing of industrial chemical and pesticide, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Undertake renewable energy research projects such as biomethane and biohydrogen and valorisation of biomass i.e. food waste and food packaging converted to biogas for electricity generation. Has successfully managed an international research project funded by EU Commission for a research project on photocatalytic treatment of recalcitrant organic industrial waste. Received training from UNEP on Environmental Footprint focusing on Carbon footprint (CF) and Water footprint (WF).

Speaker Details
  • Organisation

    SIRIM Berhad, Malaysia

  • Position

    General Manager, Environmental Technology Research Centre, SIRIM Industrial Research

  • Update Time

    September 2022

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