11 July 2021 – The organizer strategic partnership team envisions COPE-BEST to be a signature annual event under IGEM that will position Malaysia as an ASEAN hub for synergizing energy sustainability best practices and innovation. Here, the global network and experiences of the organiser in leading R&D in energy sustainability shall be a defining edge. In particular, their prominent involvement as part of the global R&D community of practice on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction (PRES) conference that has been established for 23 years, with members from over 60 countries, will be instrumental.

Beyond the typical energy sustainability topics covering EE and RE, the COPE-BEST 2021 program has been comprehensively designed with the following top ten unique features to make it a truly niche event:

  • From thermal to electrical energy, industry and building, EE, RE, EnMS, 4IR and funding support, COPE-BEST covers a comprehensive array of energy sustainability topics.
  • It also addresses the critical needs of funding at key stages, from R&D to realisation.
  • It inclusively assembled quadruple helix stakeholders from SME to large corporations.
  • It consciously prepares stakeholders for the anticipated enactment of Energy-Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA) by making industrial EE a prominent feature.
  • It places due emphasis on Energy Management Systems standards to drive systemic and sustainable organisational change.
  • COPE-BEST go extra miles to engage the Indonesian Ministry to share their unique experience on nationwide implementation of ISO 50001 standards.
  • It engages universities/research institutions with good research track records and commercialisation experiences in the effort to foster industry-university partnership.
  • COPE-BEST includes energy sustainability video challenge to nurture young talents as future energy leaders and enculture sustainability in the younger generations.
  • It endeavors to make the fully online event truly engaging by emphasizing on interactive discussions as opposed to a monologue presentations.
  • It strives to bridge the innovation gap by promoting collaborative, open innovation as a way to democratise R&D across stakeholders.

On top of that, their role in leading International Conference on Low Carbon Asia (ICLCA), and their success in driving UTM Sustainable Energy Management initiatives shall be vital in driving the COPE-BEST vision of making Malaysia the hub on energy sustainability best practices and innovations in ASEAN and beyond, and to ultimately steer the nation towards its goal to reduce its carbon intensity to 45% by 2025 and 60% in 2035 against the 2005 levels.

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