Mohd Azanuddin Salleh
Senior Vice President SIRIM Industrial Research, SIRIM Berhad, Malaysia
Professor Ir. Dr. Siti Kartom Kamarudin
Director of Fuel Cell Institute, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Prof. Ir. Dr Siti Kartom Kamarudin is the Professor of Chemical Engineering at Department of Chemcial & Process Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 2011.
Dr. Marwa Elnahass
Authors of the COP26 Report on VCM in ASEAN: Challenges & Opportunities for Scaling Up
A Reader in Accounting and Finance at Newcastle University Business School (NUBS), holding a PhD. from Lancaster University.
Dr. Raúl Rosales
Authors of the COP26 Report on VCM in ASEAN: Challenges & Opportunities for Scaling Up
Raúl Rosales is a Senior Executive Fellow at Imperial College Business School, co-founder, and a member of the management committee of the Singapore Green Finance Centre (SGFC) and Visiting Professor in the Department of Engineering at King's College in London focused on the Net Zero Centre.  
Dato’ Adnan Pawanteh
Executive Director, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Malaysia
Dato’ Adnan Pawanteh is currently the Executive Director, Group Corporate Affairsof Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad. BesidesCorporate Affairs, heoverseesSustainability, Corporate Nutrition, Consumer Services and Halal Affairs for the Company.He has had the experience of workingabroad in various Nestlé markets namelyAustralia, Turkey and the Philippines. He is passionateis the area of Manufacturing and Sustainability. He holds a MBAand a Bachelor Degree in Engineering.Heiscurrentlythe FMM Malaysian Food Manufacturing Group Chairman(MAFMAG)
ChM. Yung Yen Li
QA/QC and R&D Manager, IOI Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Sustainability in Palm Oil Processing Industry
ChM. Yung Yen Li, is a Professional Chemist, registered under Malaysian Institute of Chemistry. She works as a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager of IOI Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. She also leads the R&D team for product development and process improvement in line with food safety concern. She has published research articles related with food contaminations and sustainable practices in edible oil industry.
Dr. Ng Sing Muk
General Manager, Research and Development, Sarawak Energy
Sing Muk is currently the Head of Research and Development for Sarawak Energy, a vertically integrated power utility and energy development company that serves Sarawak, Malaysia. He is driving technological innovation within the Company, focusing on key areas such as clean energy exploration, energy management, grid solutions, environmental sciences, and autonomous and robotic technology. His team is actively developing solutions to harness renewable energy through design, matching technology with the local context while emphasising sustainability and best practices. Sing Muk has spearheaded the innovation agenda in the power utility industry through various working groups at the national and regional level. Prior to joining Sarawak Energy, he served as the Executive Director of the School of Research for Swinburne University. His technical research interests are in the field of sensors and remote monitoring, where he develops novel sensing materials and nanomaterials, integrates portable sensor devices, and correlates an array of sensing signals into new applications. He is also passionate about translating research into practical applications, cultivating disruptive innovations, and developing strategies to thrive in the age of technological disruption.
Rajiv A G
Commodities & Certification Director
Rajiv AG is currently the Commodities & Certification Director with Bureau Veritas Malaysia. Rajiv has over 12 years of experience in the Testing, Inspection, & Certification (TIC) industry across the Southeast Asia region, and has managed profit & loss (P&L) responsibilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, & Brunei.
Aew Young Chan Hoong
Senior Manager - Grundfos Malaysia
Ng Ti Cheng
Business Manager in Energy Management - Anacle Data
Efficient professional with over 10 years of experience and a demonstrated knowledge of client relations, campaign management and brand management.